Mean Girls

Why is it that women are in constant competition with one another? Whether it be regarding guys, or the way one looks, or what materialistic stuff one may have. We are always constantly trying to one up each other and many women are intentionally malicious.

Correction, women are not in competition with one another, girls are. Women empower each other.

I ask myself, why? Why do girls want to be in competition all the time, and be intentionally malicious?

Is it because they are hurting inside? Is it because they are insecure? Is it because they are jealous of you? Is it because they are intimidated by you? Or is because they are just a bitch, and genuinely don’t care about anyone but themselves?

Whatever the reason may be, I just can’t seem to understand why.

I can admit, when I was younger, I was a bitch. I still am, I still have my catty bitchy moments but I quickly realize and stop acting that way. I don’t feel good about myself knowing I upset someone, but sometimes negative feelings trump the positive and it brings out the worst in me – what matters is that I can acknowledge my behavior and try and become a better person from it.

Everyone is going through their own day to day bullshit. There’s no need to be a C U Next Tuesday. We don’t need some other woman trying to ruin our day whether it be about our clothing, our makeup, who were dating, our past relationships, our friends, etc.

Mind your own business, and maybe if you stopped obsessing over other peoples lives, you could focus on your own and grow into a mature human being…

Why can’t people just let people live their life, and stop interfering. My mother has always said this to me: If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. Some people need to take a page out of my mothers book and stop talking so negative about others.

Here are some prime examples that I have lived through where women can be intentionally malicious.

  • When you post a photo of yourself online, instead of being kind and liking the photo or commenting something positive, they have to comment something rude to try and bring you down. Why can’t women empower each other instead?
  • When you start dating a guy, and rather than their ex girlfriend being happy for their ex (as hard as it may be), they have to purposely start drama and be rude to you. You two broke up, move on and be happy. After all, if you actually cared about them, why would you want to intentionally make their life difficult, and to top it off, why would you want to be intentionally malicious to a girl you don’t even know!? YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER. It’s not her fucking fault your ex hurt you.
  • When someone threatens you… I have no words for this one. I didn’t know we were in high school still. When I was younger and someone threatened me, I was ready to fight back, but now that I’m 25, if you threaten me or actually try to hurt me physically, I will call the cops. I don’t care if I’m a “pussy” for that, but I am not getting an assault charge. It’s not worth it. I also like my face the way it is, thank you very much. Then again, I can throw a mean punch 😉
  • When your boyfriend breaks up with you, and their new girlfriend rubs it in your face. Like okay, we get it. He left me for you, but why try and hurt me? I’m hurting enough. Imagine it was the other way around, I wonder how she would feel. Probably pretty shitty.
  • When you start dating a guy, and the woman (or should I say child/girl) has to message your boyfriend and make shit up to try and cause issues with your relationship… Why do that? Just let two people fucking date each other. The woman who’s messaging your boyfriend probably doesn’t even like/know the guy, they are just trying to be a hurtful person. Go talk to some other guy, and focus on yourself.
  • When someone messages me and says my boyfriend is cheating on me… when they aren’t. As secure as you are in your relationship, hearing that shit obviously will get under your skin and the human reaction is to start questioning things. The thing I don’t understand is why one would want to make stuff up like that… Does it make them feel better to intentionally cause drama and be malicious?

All of the above ^ scenarios suck, and I hope they never happen to you, but when/if they do the only thing you can do is pretend it’s not bothering you. It all comes back down to bullying. If someone sees that they are getting a reaction out of you, they will keep doing it… but if you act like it doesn’t phase you, they will eventually fuck off and go be a bitch to some other person.

It’s a cruel world, and I’ll never understand why people have to intentionally be malicious to one another, especially woman to woman. Have some respect for one another and empower each other, rather than constantly bringing each other down.

“Blowing out someone else’s candle, doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”


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