You Can’t Change What Happened

When relationships end, whether they were a year long, a few months long, or a short period of time; getting over that person isn’t fun.

Certain people effect us more than others, and I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out why that is.

For instance, you could have dated someone for a year and got over them in a few weeks, where someone you only dated for a few months took months to get over.

Is it because you had very strong feelings for them? Is it because the relationship ended so suddenly? Is it because you made so many future plans together? Is it because they manipulated you into thinking they were something else? Is it because they left you for someone else? Is it because you actually saw a future with them? Is it because they were charming and made you feel special? Is it because you just don’t like rejection?

Whatever the reason may be, losing someone you dated and cared for is a bitch. It consumes your life, where you sit there wracking your brain on what you could have said differently, or what you could have done to change what happened.

The thing you have to remember:

You cant change what happened.

If you did everything you could to show that person what they meant to you, and treated them with respect, and they walked away, then they obviously were not right for you. You may be sitting here saying to yourself that there was something you could have done differently, or something you could have said to change things. Sure, that may be true… the relationship could have maybe lasted a few more months, but the inevitable was going to happen sooner or later.

If the relationship was mean’t to be, it would be. 

You may not realize right now, but you knew subconsciously what was happening wasn’t right whether it be the way they were treating you, or how the relationship was going wasn’t “normal”. That’s why it ended. Maybe you stood up for yourself, or questioned something, or starting to realize things weren’t quite “normal”.

Remember your worth, and remember what you deserve.

Don’t sabotage your own life and well being to make another person happy. At the end of the day the only person you have to live with is yourself, and if you’re making yourself miserable and not putting yourself first to make someone else happy, you’re eventually going to self-destruct.

Love yourself first, always, and the right person will love you too.



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