Tinder is a Hypocrite

I have been using Tinder for quite sometime, and I have met my fair share of people off of it. (You know who you are, holllaaaa)

I always thought I was a respectful Tinder user, but apparently I am not.

I got home from work on December 21st and I clicked on my Tinder app and I got a message that said: Error 1001.

I googled it to see what on earth was going on, and why I was unable to access my Tinder account to try and find my husband. Multiple people said to delete Facebook off of your phone and then re-download it and the error message should go away. I did that… It still didn’t work.

I decided to e-mail Tinder and try and figure out what was going on.

Surprisingly Tinder e-mailed me back.


Heather responded to me and told me that I was in fact banned from Tinder. She didn’t tell me why though… she just simply told me I was banned forever. I asked why I was banned and told Heather that this was bullshit. Heather never responded back.

This is the thing that bothers me… Tinder is a dating site. In my opinion, and with past experiences, the most important aspect when it comes to dating is communication and honesty.

I got zero communication from Tinder and no honesty.

Tinder didn’t politely let me know that I was violating their Terms of Service, give me a chance to change my behavior, or even let me know why I was banned.

I was the one who had to e-mail them and ask why I was getting this ridiculous error message.

Now lets say this was a relationship…

Lets name Tinder Fred. Lets say I kept doing things that violated mine and Fred’s relationship, and Fred just decided to block my number, delete me off Instagram, Facebook etc, and never talk to me again. Now that would be pretty hurtful. I would be left confused, wondering what I did for Fred to make this rash decision.

Fred should have brought up what I was doing to violate our relationship, give me a second chance (if he wanted to), and then if I kept violating our relationship, end things and give me some closure.

That is what Tinder should have done. The least they could have done is send an e-mail saying “You are violating our Terms of Service by doing ___________”. At least I would have known what I did! Or they could have said “You are violating our Terms of Service. Please stop, or we will ban you from Tinder forever”. Chances are most people would listen and stop doing whatever it is they are doing.

Like cmon Tinder… I can’t meet my potential future husband and I now have to resort to POF or Bumble.

Thanks for nothing.


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