What is a Fuck Boy?

The word fuck boy has been thrown around quite a lot lately, but what does fuck boy really mean?

Urban dictionary seems to think it means:

Fuck boy:

Asshole boy who is into strictly sexual relationships; he will lead a girl on and let her down, then apologize only to ask for “pics” once the girl has welcomed him back into her trust. Boys like this will pretend to genuinely care about the girl but always fail to prove the supposed affection. He almost never makes plans because he has to hangout on his terms which could be the most whimsical of times, and if the girl rejects those plans because she has a legitimate reason for not being able to hang out, he will get pissed. However, if plans are made he will bail on them without a second thought. If a girl tries to stand up to this asshole he will most likely deny everything and turn it all around on the girl making it seem as though the conflict at stake is her fault and he has done nothing wrong and hates when girls bitch at him for “no reason.” He will always come crawling back because he is a horny prick and can not withstand the dispossession of one of his baes, because he has more than one that’s for sure. Texting such a boy will consist of the girl carrying the conversation and the guy responding with short answers 10 or more minutes after the girl’s response, but when she asks why he takes so long to answer it will be because he is “busy” but he promises he likes her. Boys like this are egotistical assholes who can not be trusted and are hard to get rid of because they say all the right things to get the girl back.

I think urban dictionary is spot the fuck on.

I’m sure we have all encountered a few fuck boys in our time, but the real question is

“why do we even like them”?

What makes us “catch feelings” for people like this? Is it because they play hard to get? Is it because they don’t make any effort so we like the chase? Is it because they are super nice at the beginning and then slowly turn douchey? Is it because we just as much enjoy the game too?

Whatever it is, fuck boys seem to be everywhere. Ever since social media became such a big thing, I find it’s easier for people to be fuck boys.

For example, there are how many dating sites now? Tinder, Bumble, POF, Clover, and probably like 7 more that I missed.

Even Instagram now, on the private messages, you can send a message, and then click what you sent and tap “Unsend”. The message disappears like it never even happened. Who knew being shady would be so easy. Thanks Instagram!

And don’t get me started with Snapchat. Your fucking conversations disappear when you close the app.

Social media apps are making being shady so much easier.

There are so many damn people you can talk to at the comfort of our home, bar, desk at work, gym, or even beside our significant other because of these apps. Before you had to meet people through friends, or in public. But now, you can get Tinder Plus, and swipe right on someone who lives three hours away, drive there, fuck them, come home, and no one will ever find out.

So many people have the mentality of “why settle, when there are so many people out there?” because of these apps. Rather than meeting someone, and seeing where things can go, and actually be serious about it, people just constantly meet people, pretend they are “interested”, and do whatever it is they want to do (usually sex), then move on to the next person.

I can fully vouch for the above ^ because it has happened to me before.

Now the real question is… which fuck boy is worse?

One that just gets straight to it, and tries to sleep with you at the beginning? Or the one who pretends to like you for X amount of time to get you to sleep with them, then once you do… they fuck off.

I think the second option is much worse. Wanting to have sex is a normal act… at least they are being straight up and making it obvious they only want one thing, but pretending to like someone and do nice things and pretend you’re the “nice” guy so you get in their pants is so much more shady. The worst is when they do fuck off, they give the famous excuse “I’m sorry, but you’re the right person, wrong time”. I’m sorry fuck boy, but I wasn’t born yesterday. Nice try 😉

Fuck boys will be fuck boys. The best way to try and figure out if you’re in fact dealing with a fuck boy is to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are they too good to be true? (Does it seem fake, chances are it is)
  2. Are you always initiating conversation/hangouts?
  3. Do you think they are in fact a fuck boy? (Chances are your gut feeling is right)
  4. Did you meet them on Tinder?
  5. Does their Instagram have lots of girls on it?
  6. Do they take forever to text back, but when you’re with them they are always on their phone?

If you answer yes to more than 3, chances are you are in fact dealing with a fuck boy.

Get out of that situation asap and find yourself a nice respectful boy who plays with your hair, makes you food and sends you cute good morning texts 🙂


4 thoughts on “What is a Fuck Boy?

  1. Happened to come across your post andnit happened to add humour to my page….coz your definition of a f*** boy is accurate. Look forward to reading more from you. Check my post out when you get the chance i post on love and relationships too

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