How Romantic Movies Are Not At All Realistic

Every girl I am sure has dreamed of something so magical and romantic to happen to her involving the man of her dreams. We have all seen those movies  when something so unbelievably romantic happens, and we sit there staring at the screen thinking will that ever happen to me? Chances are.. probably not. Sorry to burst your love bubble, but the chances of this beautiful, amazing, breathtaking romantic gesture to happen to you is pretty slim.

Now imagine these next few scenarios… but like really imagine them. I was about to write: close your eyes and really imagine it… but then I quickly realized that you wouldn’t be able to read the scenario.

You’re at the airport waiting to board the plane to France for the summer. You’re a little sad because you’re leaving behind the guy you love, but you try and stay optimistic and think that it’s for the best. You hear them call your row and you get up to board the plane, BUT WAIT… the man of your dreams comes running to the gate screaming your name “JOANNA I LOVE YOU, I NEVER SHOULD HAVE LET YOU GO, DON’T LEAVE”. Sounds pretty damn perfect and amazing, right!? But this will never happen. This is why:

1) You can’t just run through an airport, (have you seen the security now?) unless you have a valid passport, and a boarding pass, and no one is going to just be able to pick up and leave their job or schooling to go on vacation.. you have plan that stuff, plus… some people don’t even have a passport, or it could be expired.

2) We live in a world of technology. I’m pretty sure if someone didn’t want you to leave because they loved you, they would either call or text you.

3) Because people don’t do that. Instead they bottle it up, and move on.

You have a summer fling, everything is going so well, you even talk about them building you this beautiful house with pillars and blue shutters, but of course your family doesn’t like them and forbid you to see them anymore, and you have to leave at the end of the summer. When you leave, you don’t leave on very good terms. Eventually you end up with someone else who is just as amazing as your summer fling. Of course as you’re trying on your wedding dress you see a photograph in a newspaper of your summer fling from years ago in front of the house you two once talked about. You end up going to see them, and end up finding out that they wrote you letters for 365 days straight, but you never received them because your mother hid them. You end up having sex… multiple times, and of course you choose to be your summer fling instead of your fiancé. Now, this is why none of this would ever happen:

1) No one would ever build a house that you both talked about after you clearly ended on bad terms. They would find someone else and marry them instead…

2) No one would write 365 letters…They would probably end up sending a dick pic or liking your Instagram picture.

3) It just wouldn’t. It couldn’t. If it did, wow.

You’re on vacation walking around being a tourist and you accidentally get lost and you just by chance bump into this attractive human being who helps you find your way back. Once they help you find your way back, you have this beautiful romantic kiss, and you end up together. Imagine things like that actually happened!? This is why it would never happen:

1) You wouldn’t be lost, because we all have cellphones with Google Maps on it

2) If you didn’t know how to use Google Maps, and you didn’t have a cellphone, chances are the attractive human being that walks by you does have a cellphone and they are probably walking and staring at their phone, that they don’t even notice that you are even there.

3) It’s not actually a person. It’s a sheep.

Imagine you were walking through a busy street rushing to get to your office after having a late lunch, and all of a sudden a bunch of people break out into song and dance, and then appears your boyfriend. They dance around while you stand there completely in shock that this is happening, and then your boyfriend approaches you… and gets on one knee, and asks you to marry him. Pretty sweet way to get proposed to eh? This is why that would never happen:

1) Flash mobs I am sure are expensive… I actually googled it.. it can range from $2000-$10,000. Imagine paying for that, and a ring. Pretty pricey $$$.

2) That’s all I have for that one, sorry.

There are many more scenarios out there that I am sure we have seen in movies that are unrealistic that warp our perception of what love really is.

Regardless of those perfect fairytales that we all hope our lives will be like, one day you will meet someone who makes you happy, and you’ll realize why it never worked with anyone else. Love isn’t always about those grand gestures that we see in movies, it’s about the small things. Just love the person for who they are, Noah Calhoun or not.

A most mediocre person can be the object of a love which is wild, extravagant, and beautiful as the poison lilies of the swamp.”
Carson McCullers – Ballad of the Sad Cafe and Other Stories
Movies and TV shows used were, P.S I Love You, The Notebook, Friends With Benefits, and Greys Anatomy.


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