People (specifically men) Dealing With Rejection 

“Hey, you’re really cute, want to hang out some time?”

“No, sorry… I’m not interested”

“Well you’re a fucking ugly slutty bitch, you stupid twat”

… If you’re a tad confused on what just happened, so am I.

I’ve been there so many times, when a guy has showed interest in me, but I didn’t show it back, and I politely let them know that I’m not interested, or things aren’t working out. I expect them to understand where I am coming from and we both go on our separate ways, but it’s never quite that simple…

I understand, rejection fucking hurts. I’ve been there on the receiving end where I have had an interest in a guy and they didn’t feel the same way. It hurt, it sucked and I was upset but I never once messaged them and talked shit to them because I was rejected. I would talk shit to my friends while eating ice cream and drinking wine, because well… That’s what I do when I feel rejected.

I’ll admit, there have been a few times where I may have not been as nice as I could have with rejection, but in my defence I was nice the first time, but they didn’t understand and kept trying and trying. Here is an example of one of those times. I blur out the names to keep everything confidential ☺️

I just find it so humorous that this person wanted to see me, and when I said in your dreams I was then a “fucking twat, and a bitch, and don’t forget a looney”. I guess my dad was right… He’s been calling me a looney since I was a child.

Why can’t people just be honest and say “that sucks because I liked you, but thank you for your honesty”.

I went on a date with a guy once. I thought it went great, so after the date I texted him and let him know that I had a great time and we should do it again. He said no. (Not exactly in those words but you understand the point). I said “that sucks you feel that way but thank you for your honesty”. My initial reaction wasn’t to call him an asshole or ugly, but I guess everyone is different?

I’ve been in a long term relationship before, and when my boyfriend broke up with me I got really upset and a few hurtful sentences came out of my mouth that I regretted instantly… I’m not saying what I said is justified because we dated and had history, but I could understand those feelings of anger because what I had was an actual relationship.

Most of the situations where I get called an ugly bitch is by a guy I barely know, not by a guy I dated. The person above, who called me a few colourful names knew me for maybe 2 months, and we hung out maybe 6 times? I also let them know two other times that I was no longer interested, and I was nice when I came about it.

Where do people get the idea that it’s okay to call someone an ugly slutty bitch when they are just being honest and letting you know they are not interested? Would these people rather have the other person lie and date them when they actually don’t like them? Probably not… I think lying to someone and pretending you like them is much worse!

So for everyone who has been rejected, rather than being the person who decides to bring the other person down just because they were honest, look at the big picture and realize that by calling the person something rude, you now look like an idiot… and for the people doing the rejecting, remember rejection hurts… Try and let them down easy the first time, but if they keep trying because they obviously don’t understand what “I’m not interested” means, maybe then you can come up with funnier responses.


11 thoughts on “People (specifically men) Dealing With Rejection 

  1. hey Joanna, remember me? The guy your just wrote about? Let me inform the audience that all she wanted was sex to begin with. She was interested, but because I couldn’t provide the fucking in her time frame she bailed…and, I might add, made it very clear that sex was all she wanted, she specifically told me that she wanted only a “light and fluffy relationship” of which I directly opposed too, saying, and I quote, “I’m no ones fucking bitch”.
    So, after showing interest, expressing it in every way except by un-zipping my pants and fucking, I was told I have the problem.
    Well, I guess I’m sorry for being “old school” and not just wanting sex but actually a relationship, sorry for it all.
    FYI, next time maybe express the fact that your only interested in a dick being put in your pussy. 😘

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    • You are correct I did want sex, who wouldn’t want to have sex with someone they liked? But it wasn’t just about the sex though, it was the fact you were so unbelievably nervous around me that you didn’t even know how to go near me, let alone have sex with me, that it turned me off but you can go ahead and try and make me look like a whore if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself, and yes you are correct that I wanted a light and fluffy relationship. I just got out of a relationship so sex was on my mind and I liked you, and usually when you like someone you like to have sex. Anyways, thank you for your input Dave, and FYI, I really liked you, but unfortunately I just didn’t like you once I kissed you and felt absolutely nothing. I hope you feel better about yourself. Thank you for your comment. I value everyone’s opinion and I will take your experience into consideration with the next guy I date.


    • Never ask for a girls permission to see her again…. It’s a huge mistake. Shows that she’s the one holding the leash.

      Also, coming here to comment just fuels her story even more. It shows weakness. That you couldn’t move on and resorted to reading her site. Checking her instagram as well? You would have been better off not commenting or even replying to her text. It isn’t worth your time or effort to try and fight someone who doesn’t care to deal with you.


  2. I found your blog on your tinder description (yah I read them before swiping right :)). Anyway, ignore Dave he sounds like the guy who never grew out of being a teenager.


  3. I’m always like: oh well your loss good luck in the future..

    Mainly cause I know how awesome I am, or at least think I am and if they don’t want what I want than oh well, I’m sure I will and they will find exactly what they want or need in life. I’m not going to force someone to do anything they don’t want to.

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