Is Grammar and Spelling Dead?

Time and time again, I am having a conversation with a potential mate, and they always end up having atrocious spelling and grammar. This may not bother every girl out there, but for me it’s a huge deal breaker.

Everyone has their deal breakers, but mine is spelling and grammar, and well a few other things, but today I am focusing on spelling and grammar.

I really don’t understand why it is so hard to spell “should” properly, or understand the difference between your, and you’re or their, and there.

Not only spelling, but to be able to put a proper sentence together? I understand we live in a world where people use slang.. but I thought that was for when you’re 15… not 24.

Wut up babe? Y cant we hang dis week? I jus wanted 2 c if ud wana do something. I jus wanted to c ur cute face. We def shud chill tho, but I wud proffer if u came to see me.

I’m not even joking, I have received messages like the one above. WHY CAN’T PEOPLE JUST SPELL CORRECTLY!!!!!!

No word of a lie, I received a message where someone asked me “You gym”… I guess what they meant to say was “Do you go to the gym”, but apparently that was too difficult.

This isn’t twitter, you’re allowed more than 140 characters…

How about these, “how’s ur day bin”, using proffer instead of prefer… “wut u sayin”, or “u free dis week”… I am free, but I am not hanging out with you.

I may sound like control freak (maybe I am), but grammar is a huge thing for me, and I should be allowed to get angry when someone doesn’t understand the english language. Sure, I understand people make spelling errors while typing on a cellphone, it happens, and if you realize you didn’t spell something correctly, you can send a second message with the correct spelling and a * :p  (I am such a freak)

I’m not frustrated with people making mistakes, and correcting them… I am frustrated that people have become so lazy that they are incapable of putting a fucking sentence together, especially if it’s at the beginning of getting to know each other. I would think someone would put some effort into the conversation, but apparently I am mistaken!

I just feel that if you can’t put some effort into putting a sentence together, what else do you not put effort into? Sex, cooking, caring about other people, work, life in general? Haha. Those are all very important things a person should put effort into!

So if you ever want to date me (which I am sure you don’t, but just in case you did), please spell properly and put some effort into your sentence structure.

I hope u have a gud day 😉

haha, see what I did there?


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