The Phenomenon of Online Dating

Tinder, Plenty of Fish (POF), Ok Cupid.

There are so many different online dating platforms out there, and were at the point where thats where majority of us are going to meet our so called mate in the near future. Why you ask? Well, because no one talks to each other in public much anymore. Sure, once in a while you will be the exception and this great guy will approach you at the bar or wherever you are, and you’ll hit it off… but the chances of that happening are so slim because well everyone is glued to their cellphone, most likely either on some type of social media app, or lurking one of the many dating sites.

So rather than talking to people in person, like how it used to be done, we sit on our cellphones day in and day out passing through hundreds of faces hoping to find someone that we could possibly get along with.

I have used all three of the dating sites that I have mentioned above, and let me tell you, the experience on all three of them were all very different.

Tinder: You pretty much just swipe right or left. When both people swipe right its a match! YAY! But the funniest part about Tinder is when you do match with someone this little screen pops up:


When I first used Tinder I thought this was the weirdest thing I have ever seen… Do you want to

  1. Send a Message?
  2. Keep Playing
  3. Tell Your Friends?

Of course I am going to let ALL my friends know that I matched with this great guy.. MAYBE he will be my potential husband. Or maybe I should message him to get the ball rolling.. but what do I say? Or should I keep playing and maybe find MORE potential mates!? OMG SO MANY OPTIONS.

This is why Tinder is a joke… it’s a game, but there are so many people out there that think they are going to meet their potential mate on this ridiculous website.

Don’t even get me started with the types of messages I receive haha. Most of the time it is guys asking me if I am DTF (down to fuck). My response is no. They don’t like that very much and then they UnMatch me. Oh well, on to the next Tinder Match.

Plenty of Fish: Lets see… You fill out a bunch of information about yourself thinking.. ‘maybe this dating site will be better than Tinder because you have to make more of an effort’. NOPE! YOU’RE WRONG. Plenty of Fish (POF) is just as bad if not worse than Tinder.

This conversation is with a guy who wanted me to add them to Facebook. Once I said no, apparently he didn’t like me anymore? Oops..:


This is a conversation that a guy had with himself because I never responded. I think it went quite well:


I understand, people are trying to find their so called mate, or maybe just someone to have sex with, or a FWB, but why is it necessary to be rude when someone doesn’t want to talk to you? I know rejection sucks, I have messaged people on POF before and didn’t get a response, but I never kept messaging them… I accepted they weren’t interested. I might have cried for like 37 seconds but then I continued searching on the internet for my mate (I’m joking about the crying part)

OkCupid: OkCupid is a dating site similar to POF but it has an extra feature. You get to answer questions about yourself and your other potential mates do the same thing. This way you can get a feel for the other person before you even message them. Some of the questions are normal, and some of them are very, very strange. Take a look.

Here are some of the normal questions OkCupid has to offer:


Here are some of the strange questions OkCupid has to offer:


What a strange, strange world we live in, being asked if we would have sex with our clone, if scars turn us on, and if we would ever consider cutting our partner… I guess these are the types of questions we need to be asked in order to know if we are compatible with our next potential mate!

Online dating has taken over the dating world and it is a strange experience, but sometimes it’s fun, and sometimes maybe you’ll actually meet someone who wants the same thing that you want, whether it be random sex, FWB, dating, or marriage. Don’t get upset if people are rude to you, or they are asking scandalous questions.. after all it is the internet; you never know what you’re going to find! Keep an open mind.

Good luck Tindering, Fishing, and OkCupiding 😉


2 thoughts on “The Phenomenon of Online Dating

  1. Hope your online dating experience is getting better. I actually was referred here by your POF page. It’s a very well written page as well. Who wouldn’t want a girl who likes to golf(even though your terrible at it lol.), wine/wine tastings are great, red wines are my favourite.

    Your moto is also something I agree with. “I believe laughter is the best medicine and you shouldn’t take life too seriously, afterall none of us get out alive.” To me life should be enjoyed and people should spend it with the ones they love. To be happy with each other and not worry too much about the stressful parts in life.

    Joanna your a great catch. You would make somebody a very lucky man one day.

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