8 Signs That He’s Just Not That Into You

We have all liked someone, and thought that it was going to work out.

At the beginning it’s going great, you’re texting everyday, then all of a sudden things change and you can’t seem to figure out where things went wrong… It eats you up alive because you start wondering if you did something to make everything change. I’ve been there and it drove me insane, wondering what I said, or what I did to make everything change, but at the same time there is nothing you can do about it.

What you can do though, is to notice the signs that he’s not that into you, so you can make sure you don’t waste your time thinking things are going great, when in reality they aren’t.

1. They don’t initiate conversation: 

Yes, you talk everyday… but have you ever scrolled through the conversation and noticed its always you starting the conversation… Uh oh. That means that they are probably just talking to you because you talk to them. If they were genuinely interested in you they would think about you during the day and send you a message.

2. They don’t ask you questions:

When you talk, do you ever find that you’re the only one asking them how they are doing? How their day went? Asking questions about their personal life? … They just answer the question and then thats it? Usually, that means they aren’t into you. If they were into you, they would want to get to know you.

3. They say they don’t want to commit:

The words that everyone has heard at least once: “I’m not ready”, or “I don’t believe in labels”. That is the most annoying excuse I have ever heard. Okay, sure.. they don’t believe in labels or they aren’t ready, that’s completely understandable but to be able to talk everyday, and have sex but they can’t commit? That’s a little fishy…

4. They don’t make you a priority:

You are the last thing on their mind, whether it be with texting, or making plans. If it seems like they could care less if they saw you or not, you’re probably correct. If someone wanted to see you, they would see you. If they are constantly making excuses that they are tired, then they probably don’t want to see you. If they truly wanted to see you, they would see you even if they were tired. If someone was interested you would be a priority in their life. Don’t fall for the bullshit excuses.

5. They don’t message you back:

If someone doesn’t message you back, maybe they are busy, sometimes it happens… but if someone doesn’t message you back for a few days and they finally respond and their response is “Sorry, I was so busy with work I didn’t have a chance to check my phone”… Sorry, but the lie detector test determined that was a lie.

6. They don’t hang out with you in public:

Well this one is quite obvious.. if the guy only ever hangs out with you in their house, or in their car, it probably means they don’t want to be seen with you in public… which in my opinion is bad. Even if they did initiate conversation, say they want to be with you, and they message you back all the time, this one is a huge sign that they are NOT interested.

7. They always make excuses:

Every time you make plans, or try calling them or texting them there is always a reason why they can’t hang out, or why they didn’t answer their phone, or why they didn’t text you back. I understand, sometimes there is a valid excuse for someones actions, but when it keeps happening, it becomes a pattern. They clearly are not into you. Yes, the truth hurts but why would you want to be with someone who always makes excuses and doesn’t want to see you or talk to you?

8. They block you off everything:

This is the worst one that can happen to you, so hopefully this never happens, but if it does… it really means they are not into you. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT TRY TALKING TO THEM. Yes, maybe you want to find out why, or what you did, but all in all it will just make you look desperate. You aren’t going to win them all. Accept your loss, and move on.

Dating is hard, its confusing, and sometimes you like someone more than they like you, and sometimes you’re going to find people that you don’t like, but they are going to like you; but the best advice I can give is to just be honest and upfront regarding your feelings. Don’t keep making excuses for people’s actions and trust your instincts.


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