How Do You Know It’s Time To Say “It’s Over?”

The first few months in a relationship are great. You have sex all the time, you can’t keep your hands off each other, you text 24/7, you want to be together all the time, and you constantly are making an effort for that person.. then a few months pass, and reality hits, you’re not in a fairy tale! You’re in REAL LIFE, and real life isn’t all gumdrops and roses.

Relationships are hard work, and they are at times very stressful and it’s inevitable that you are going to get into arguments, fight over something stupid, and even fight over things that are serious, but the real question is, when are you fighting too much?

I’ve been in relationships where I would fight about such stupid stuff. I could get into a fight about whether the grass was light green or dark green. Probably the dumbest fights imaginable, and at the time I thought nothing of it. I just thought we were two stubborn people and we would move past it, but as the months progressed things just got worse and worse. You start to notice you’re fighting over everything, and by everything I mean everything. It gets to a point where you’re fighting more than enjoying each others company, but for some reason we continue to stay with the person…

Why do we stay with the one person who makes us so angry?

Is it hopes that things will go back to the beginning where everything was fun and fluffy? Is it because you don’t want to be alone? Is it because you actually enjoy fighting with people? What ever it is, STOP.

Stop being in a relationship where you are constantly arguing over the same thing, and stop thinking things will change, or get better, because they won’t. SURE, you could be the exception and things will get better, but chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Rather than living in a fantasy world, wake up and smell the roses. Realize that you have been having the same argument for months and things aren’t going to change. Yes, I sound like the most negative person, but I’m being realistic and I can tell you what I am saying makes sense. I have been in this situation so many times and do you want to know how they end? In a breakup. Save yourself some time and end the relationship that makes you miserable. Yes it’s hard, to give up on something that once was so so perfect, something you thought was going to last forever, but fighting all the time isn’t healthy. Every situation is different which is why it’s so hard.

The hardest question to ask yourself is: where do you draw the line and give up?

All I can say is to believe in your gut. If you feel like it’s not going to work and you’re unhappy, chances are you are right.



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