Social Media and Your Significant Other

He makes me the happiest girl in the world! I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else! I love you James! #mcm #boyfriend

2 month’s #love #boyfriend #makemehappy

#Iloveyou #boyfriend #girlfriend #summer2015 #daywiththebabe #ilovehimtodeath

No matter what he keeps me smiling & has always supported me no matter if I’m lazy or not. #love #boyfriend #onlyyou

i seriously have the best boyfriend in the world im so so lucky

On a hot date #boyfriend 

Date Night 🙂 #Me #Boyfriend #Girlfriend #Cinema #OutForDinner

Above ^ are some tweets that I personally found. I wonder if they actually told their significant other (s/o) how they felt, or if they just made a status about it.

So many people post Facebook statuses and tweets about their relationship on a daily basis, and I just can’t seem to wrap my head around “why”.

I sound like a broken record because I always seem to say that I used to be this way, but it’s true. Two summers ago, I was in such a terrible relationship so I constantly posted pictures of us, made statuses about how wonderful he was, when in all honesty I was absolutely miserable and I hated every second of my relationship. I think I was in such denial, because I told everyone about him, the last thing I wanted was to have to tell people how bad it really was. Rather than accepting that my so called relationship was a pile of dog shit, instead I pretended it was fucking perfect.

I am not sure, if it’s the same for the other people who post pictures every day with their s/o, or make statuses telling the whole wide world how amazing their s/o is, but from experience and watching how relationships unfold, I think I might be on to something.

From experience, and frequently lurking Facebook and other means of social media, I started to notice a trend. People who posted a lot of stuff about their relationship were in fact quite miserable. If you were so happy with who ever it is you are with, wouldn’t you be spending quality time with them, instead of stopping your amazing life to go on your phone and post a status? Who knows, maybe I’m wrong, but in theory it makes sense… at least it does in my mind.

I understand, it is normal to post photos and statuses once in a while regarding your s/o because that is the type of world we live in, but to literally do it everyday and flat out say how amazing they are, but you talk to your friends about how much your relationships sucks… is just fucking strange.


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