Can You Spot the Cheater?

cheat·er -Someone who engages sexual relations with someone other than their significant other.

Cheaters, they are everywhere… You just might not know it. It could be that cute guy that gives you a nice smile at the gym, it could be the woman who cashes you out at the supermarket, it could be the guy you dance with a little promiscuously at the club who says they want your number to take you on a date, it could be the girl you find online who claims they are single, or it could be the person you’re dating.

The real question is, why do people get into relationships & cheat? I just don’t understand the point? Why hurt another person? If you don’t want to be in a relationship & you would rather sleep around then do that…. Why bring someone else down in the process?

There are many reasons why a person may get into a relationship, but constantly cheat on their partner. Here are a few:

They are insecure – they are so insecure with themselves that they constantly need male/female attention regardless if they are already in a relationship. Any female/male attention gets them going and they can’t help it even if they are with someone.

They are a douchebag – they literally just don’t care & only think about what they want, not the fact they are supposed to be in a committed relationship. If someone truly “loved” you, they wouldn’t fuck other people, remember that. 

They have no respect for their partner – they don’t respect their partner enough to stay loyal so they just do what they want. If there is no respect in a relationship, you’re in for some trouble ahead.

Lack of sexual satisfaction – they aren’t satisfied with their partner sexually so they find it somewhere else. If your partner isn’t getting what they want, they might look for it elsewhere. Sex life in a relationship is very important.

Their partner lets it happen – let’s say your partner cheats on you & you forgive them because they say: “It was a mistake, I was drunk, I love you, I’m sorry”. You may think they are sorry but they will most likely do it again. Why? Maybe because you forgave them the first time. They know you’ll most likely forgive them the second & third as well. It becomes a vicious cycle of hell.

They grew up seeing it – if they grew up in a dysfunctional family where their parents cheated on one another they may grow up to think that this is a normal thing to do. It becomes another vicious cycle of hell.

They are young – not saying it’s okay to cheat because you’re in high school, but when you’re young you sometimes have trouble understanding what a relationship really is all about & not take it seriously.

They are looking for a way out – they are no longer happy in the relationship, so rather than ending it, they are hoping that they will cheat and their partner will find out and end the relationship.

Regardless of which reason may be the cause in cheating, it’s not right. No one should be cheated on regardless if their significant other is insecure, or grew up in a dysfunctional family. Bottom line is don’t be in a relationship if you can’t be fully committed to the person. Instead of lying saying that you want them & only them, maybe say “I want you, but I also want other people, is that okay with you?… Oh no, it’s not okay, bye”.

This may be hard to see, but try & imagine if you had a child, or if you have a younger sibling and you found out their significant other cheated on them. Would you be mad? Most likely… SO WHY DO IT TO ANOTHER PERSON!?

If you want to cheat, don’t be in a relationship or at least have the decency to break up with the person before you go fuck someone else.

– Joanna xo


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