The Deadly Block and Delete Button

Block and Delete.

Two very stupid little buttons we all see on our screen. Why do people block and delete someone?

  1.  They don’t like what they are posting
  2.  They are bullying them over the internet
  3. They no longer are friends with them/talk to them
  4. They are their ex boyfriend/girlfriend
  5. You got into a fight

Sometimes someone angers us so much that we have the urge to click those buttons so we don’t have to see those people again. Some people though use those buttons a little too often. To block & delete your friend when you get into a fight is a little over the top. Everyone gets into arguments, it’s normal, but to block & delete them is a little ridiculous, don’t you think?

The thing I don’t understand though are those people who block & delete their friends literally whenever they get mad at them. Like literally EVERY SINGLE TIME.

They block & delete you because they are mad, and the best part is that they don’t even tell you their are doing it… One minute you’re texting (getting into some sort of argument), and the next you’re blocked and deleted. But wait…. then a week later you’re creeping through Facebook and a little notification comes up that they want to be your friend again. WAIT WHAT!? THEY DECIDED THEY WANT TO TALK TO ME AGAIN!!!!

Uhh no, this is not how it works. You don’t just pick & choose when you want to be my friend. Yes, I may anger you, or say something you may not like, but the second I anger you, rather than talking about it… You block & delete me off of everything?

Grow up. 

I get it… people aren’t always going to click 24/7, but I thought I was an adult.. Don’t adults talk about how they feel? I guess not… I guess were still in grade 8.

Next time someone makes you mad, rather than so quickly clicking the block and delete button, why don’t you talk to your friend about the situation, this way you don’t have to keep unfriending them and befriending them every other week of your life.

– Joanna xo


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