How You Know You’re With The Right Person

Time and time again, we have been in relationships that don’t work out. We ask ourselves “why didn’t this relationship work?” There are plenty of reasons why a relationship didn’t work, but lets not focus on those today. (Remember, no one wants to be a debbie downer) Lets focus on ways to know you’re with the right person. When you’re in a healthy, happy relationship, you should be healthy & happy. You shouldn’t be stressed 24/7, upset, or paranoid. Those are not normal feelings one should have while in a relationship, at least not 24/7. There are 7 things I have come up with throughout my years of life that I think are signs that you are in the right relationship. If you have at least 4 of the 7 do not let this person go. I know I’m not going to let mine go. ❤

1. You can be yourself

You’re not being someone you’re not & acting a certain way for the relationship to work. You can be yourself and they are okay with that. You realize it’s okay to have different interests & not like the same things all the time.

2. You’re okay to be alone

You’re so comfortable with what you have with the person that it’s okay to have a day or so apart. You enjoy having free time to yourself and not being with them every waking moment. It’s not healthy to want to be with someone literally 24/7. You need to have a balance. If every time you are available, you spend it with your partner, you’re going to miss out on other opportunities in your life. 

3. You accomplish more

You feel more balanced & content that you’re able to focus on yourself rather than the problems in your relationship. If you’re always focusing on all the issues in your relationship, when will you have time for yourself, & your own goals? You won’t, & you will most likely start to resent your partner.

4. You feel wanted

They make you actually feel wanted, like actually wanted. They are excited to see you, & you know they aren’t just seeing you because you want to see them. Being with a person who holds your hand, or gives you a kiss randomly, or calls you just to see how your day is going is probably the best feeling ever. It shows that they genuinely care about you, & want you in their life.

5. You’re not paranoid

You’re able to have a night apart without the world coming to an end. If you can’t trust your significant other to go out with their friends then you seriously have an issue and should probably start looking elsewhere for another relationship. After all, trust is everything. Being paranoid will literally eat you alive, & cause many, many issues in the relationship, especially if your partner in fact is not doing anything shady behind your back. You stressing out thinking they are going to cheat & possibly accusing them of cheating will cause many problems.

6. They push you to succeed

They want what’s best for you so they help you accomplish your goals. Some days may be tougher than others, & it may seem like they are pushing you too hard, but they seriously just want you to be happy & succeed in the goals you have set yourself. They know once you do succeed you will be happy with the fact you reached your goal.

7. They love you unconditionally 

Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t happen everyday. I think the only people in the world you love you unconditionally are your family members (pets included). Yes, your friends want you to succeed, & be happy but there is still that little ounce of jealously. But when you’re with the right person they love you unconditionally, no if’s ands or buts & if you find someone who does love you unconditionally, don’t let them go.

No one should ever feel stressed out, upset, or paranoid in a relationship 24/7. Of course it is normal to have arguments, & disagreements but remember your self-worth & don’t just settle for anyone. These seven things are possible, as long as you’re with the right person 🙂


– Joanna xo ❤


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