Will The Real Debbie Downer Please Shut Up

We have all had our bad days. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen, but the most important thing is to try & look at things in a positive way. YES, of course it is going to be hard some days. Some days you just want to stay in bed, & literally feel sorry for yourself, but c’mon what the fuck is that actually going to do? You’ll most likely lie in bed & look at Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter & feel even more sorry for yourself. The best thing to do when you’re in one of those “funks” is to keep moving, & keep your mind busy.


  • Go for a walk
  • Workout
  • Read a book
  • Start a hobby
  • See a friend
  • Go shopping
  • Etc.

Most importantly is to not drag everyone else down with you. Of course, if you’re going through something tough, you will most likely want to share it with your closest friends for support, and someone to talk to, but there comes a point in time where you talking about your “bad day” has crossed the line to being a “debbie downer”. No one wants to be the debbie downer. When you’re the debbie downer, you’re considered the one who complains literally all the time, & brings the positive fun atmosphere down to a depressing, sad atmosphere that no one wants to be around. They also tend to blame everyone for his or her life’s problems. Rather than waking up and smelling the roses, they’re laying in bed all day feeling sorry for themselves and bringing everyone else down with them. The debbie downers in life are like walking little rain clouds, and I refuse to get rain on my hair.


Other words used for debbie downers are:

  • Pessimistic Patty
  • Negative Nancy
  • Party Pooper
  • Buzz Kill
  • Kill Joy
  • Wet Blanket


(Note to self, being called any of those listed above is BAD, especially MISERELLA) 

We all get it; your life sucks (in your mind), we hear you talk about it all the time, but have you debbie downers ever thought to think that people are seriously getting tired of listening to you complain? I can’t write this and pretend I am perfect, because I am far-removed from perfect. I usually complain a lot throughout the day, and I can admit I never really noticed how ridiculous I sounded until I started hanging out with other people similar to myself.

One time I sat there and listened to what some of these people were saying, so I asked myself… ‘Self… am I that fucking annoying when I sit there and complain?’ I responded with “Yes, self, you are”. From that point forward I try to only talk to my closest friends about my issues, and I barely go into detail. Not everyone needs to know all my problems. I figured if I don’t really care to listen to others sit there and complain all day, I’m sure they feel the same way as I do. I may as well give them the benefit of not having to listen to me.

Obviously some days you just can’t help but be miserable, but to be miserable literally EVERY DAY would get so exhausting. I am sure you could channel those negative thoughts into at least a few positive thoughts…


So, for all you debbie downers out there, try thinking positive for a change. Maybe give yourself a task, where at the end of the day you have to write down three positive things that happened to you that day. I know, I know, you’re over there thinking “Holy shit, this bitch is crazy, I have to be p-o-s-i-t-i-v-e for a change? What on earth does that entail?”. Well my friend, you are in for a surprise. As a matter of fact, thinking positively & being near others who are happy will help you become a more positive happier person (at least I think it will)… don’t quote me, I’m not Dr. Phil.


– Joanna xo ❤


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