The Top 10 Nuisances That You Will Deal With In Your Life

Nuisances. We all have some. Know one, live with one – whether it be a person, place, thing, event or incident in our ever-so-fruitful existences. Of course, with every obnoxious frustration comes a learning experience. But sometimes, they block the light so far to the end of the tunnel that these nuisances (mostly people for those who “hate everyone!”) can’t EVEN. Here are 10…

1. The ex that didn’t care you broke up.

Everyone has that one ex partner that when you broke up, there was no emotional suffering. It was like you didn’t even date each other. “Oh it’s over? Okay” … Meanwhile, you’re over there barely able to eat, sleep – so, in general, just function! Everything you see reminds you of them – literally EVERYTHING. The more you think about the fact they aren’t thinking about it, the more you think about it – and the more it bothers you.

2. The childhood friend you no longer talk to – who has accomplished/experienced more in life than you have.

Everyone has that friend they wouldn’t pick as the brightest crayon in the box. When you were younger, you had one yourself and you always wondered: “What are they going to do with their life”? Ironically enough, they completely shock you with their seemingly overnight success – one that potentially precedes your’s and gives you All. The. Insecurities. They now work at this established job while living downtown in a luxurious condo, and somehow still have the time and money to travel all over the world. Meanwhile you’re over here: still living at home while barely stepping a foot outside your province/state and graduating from school. Not to mention you still have NO idea as to what you want to do with your life. As much as you want to applaud that person’s accomplishments, it’s only natural and inevitable you’ll get bitten by that green monster of envy. 

3. The ugly kid that found Proactiv. 

In every elementary school or high school, there’s always that one scapegoat who was struggling with an awkward phase and attempting to grow more into their physical attributes as to, say, majority of their peers. Every time you saw them, you couldn’t help but feel bad. It’d make you constantly contemplate that dreaded rhetorical question: “What they will look like when they are older”? Of course, those same “ugly ducklings” transform into “beautiful swans” – only in human form, but they’re young, fit, and – um – cosmetically blessed? But in your mind – fake or not – they look amazing, and it makes you feel like you’re nothing but…young. Congratulations! That skin finally cleared up, your chest finally filled out, and you lost some weight! Deep down, you’re happy for them. You really are, but then you realize you should’ve wished for the “duckling” procedure instead.

4. The friend that double-crossed you. 

This close “friend” of your’s. You and her were inseparable, went together like two peas in a pod. You thought you knew NOTHING could come between you, until one day… They completely fucked you over. Fucked you over so badly that you still don’t understand what the fuck happened. It still eats at you everyday, wondering what would cause this person to hurt you like that? Did you do something to set them off? Did they ever really like you or have your best interests at heart? Or were they just your friend, just for the sake of being your friend? Did they only reap the benefits, favour you for what you could do for them? The saddest part is, you’re never going to get an answer, and you’re never going to understand why this so-called “friend” would do this to you.

5. Constant social media updates about one’s whole life (literally)

Seeing what virtually everyone posts everyday can become quite a nuisance and, then even worse, an addiction. It seems like everyone becomes so obsessed with what others are doing, because we live in a society where we’re frequently comparing ourselves to everyone else. But if social media didn’t exist, we probably wouldn’t know about the childhood friend that has accomplished/experienced more in life than you have, and we wouldn’t know that the ugly kid found Proactiv. Social media has turned us into these insecure, obsessive people – who only focus on what others are doing, rather than investing that time in improving ourselves instead.

6. That person in line with coupons.

Coupon-ers… I don’t even know where to begin. I completely understand that people want to save money, and I’m all for it. Even I like to save money. Who doesn’t? But at the same time, there should be cash registers at stores where only people with coupons can use. I absolutely cannot stand when I’m in a rush in the fast line, and there is a person with their stupid coupon booklet trying to save .50 cents…when I CAN GIVE YOU 0.50 cents to speed up the process! These people ruin the grocery shopping experience, in my opinion. The amount of time I’m waiting in line while they go through their coupon booklet, I may as well go get another carton of eggs before the ones I have go bad!

7. The people that use a chair for their bag.

We’ve all been there… on that long bus ride from point A to point B, and all we want to do is sit down. But there’s no where to sit. You see from a distance a seat that looks empty, so you start walking towards it. Right as you approach the seat, you realize it’s actually taken. But wait! It’s not taken by a very short person you couldn’t see from a distance, but a BAG! The person sitting down needs a place for their FUCKING BAG. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I can understand if there is literally no one on the bus, but when there is another person wanting to sit down – YOU MOVE YOUR BAG! These types of people seriously should have to stand on a bus a few times in their lifetime to understand the struggle some of us go through.

8. The downers.

Everyone has those “downers” in their life. No matter when you see them, or talk to them, they always have something to complain about. They make it seem like the whole entire world is out to get them. Sometimes it’s tolerable, and you sympathize and want to help. But other days, you just want to let them know to STFU and stop complaining 24/7. A person can only take so much! Rather than sitting there blaming everyone else for your miserable life, maybe you should go out and make a change.

9. The person that knows too much about your life. 

You’ve known your friend for years and years. They know all your dirty little secrets. As the years have passed, you started realizing you don’t really have anything in common with this person anymore, and you don’t really like their personality. The only issue is… they know everything about you, and you’re scared if you end the friendship, all your secrets will become revealed.

10. Yourself. 

At the end of the day, you’re your own worst enemy. All of the things above can easily nuisance you; but only YOU can control what bothers you and what doesn’t. I’m my biggest nuisance, and I’m sure I have annoyed many people in my life. I am also sure I am one of the nine nuisances found on this list.

But if you can’t control what’s a nuisance in your life, at least don’t be one to yourself! Enough said.

– Joanna xo ❤


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